John Bunyan School

Lancaster Way, Braintree, CM7 5UL
Phone: 01376 321 814 

Resilience, Ambition, Values, Excitement.

Sickness Procedure
Please note that if your child is not attending school due to ill health can you please ensure that the school office (01376 321814) is informed by 9.30 am every morning that your child is off sick. This will then be recorded in the register as an authorised absence.

School Uniform / PE kit
School uniform can be purchased from - choose John Bunyan Primary.

Late After Registration
If you are unable to get your child into school by 8.55 am please can you ensure that they come to the school office to sign in the late book to record that they are in school and also to advise us of their dinner requirements.

If your child has long term medication which needs administering in school time please contact the school office to make arrangements and complete relevant forms. 

Free School Meals Eligibility
Our funding is partly influenced by the number of families we have claiming free school meals. Even if you think your child will not want them everyday it is still worth claiming. Below is the latest criteria for qualifying. If you would like to apply, or to find out more, please call the Education and Transport Awards Team at ECC on 0845 6032200. “Parents or carers receiving Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance or Child Tax Credit with annual taxable income of less than £16,040 or the Pension Guarantee Credit are eligible to claim for Free School Meals. However, if any amount of Working Tax Credit is received by the parent/carer the child is not eligible for Free School Meals.
Any claim for free school meals will be treated with complete confidentiality.

Webinars designed for parents, to help them to support their child’s emotional well-being

Session 1: Emotional regulation:
Session 2: Impact of the pandemic on current wellbeing:
Session 3: Anger and anxiety:
Session 4: How to support our young people: