John Bunyan School

Lancaster Way, Braintree, CM7 5UL
Phone: 01376 321 814 

Resilience, Ambition, Values, Excitement.

Each class annually elects a representative who meets with our assistant head teachers on a regular basis to discuss current issues. Over the past year they have helped to shape developments in our learning environment, organised and raised funds for several charities and led improvements in our learning and teaching behaviours.


Lower School

Aria, George, Olivia, Maxwell, Lilly-Mae, Blayne, Alex, Kaitlyn, Oliver, Emelia, Eli, Poppy


Middle School

Bella, Cruize, Molly, Joey, Jesse, Demi-Leigh, Brayden, Ami, Emma, Cody, Jason, Keeley


Upper School

Sophia, Calum, Kiera, Ronny, Amber Jack, Melody, Finlay, Lexi-Mae, Kaiya, Emily-Ann, Grace