John Bunyan School

Lancaster Way, Braintree, CM7 5UL
Phone: 01376 321 814 

Resilience, Ambition, Values, Excitement.
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Welcome to John Bunyan Primary School and Nursery website.  At our school we pride ourselves on admitting families, not just children, and have included information about our school; how it operates, what events take place and how we can all work together to make our school an exciting place in which to learn and thrive. We provide rich, memorable learning experiences that allow everyone to master skills, develop passions and reach heights they did not imagine were possible. We aim to develop resilience, ambition and values in our children so that they can achieve excellence.

We pride ourselves on having a caring and supportive environment, positive and strong relationships with parents and our community and high academic and personal achievement for our children.There are three key criteria which influence all we do in school:

•All children are individuals.  Children have a wide diversity of experiences, skills and talents.  It is our duty to celebrate and nurture these and to plan their learning according to their individual needs.

•We strive to provide a broad, engaging and stimulating curriculum for all our children that brings together a strong focus on learning with a joy in achieving a very high standard in all aspects of school life

•Lastly, and perhaps most important of all, we believe that education should be a partnership between home, school and the community.  We value the partnership between yourselves and us in helping each child become a confident, lifelong learner and it is this joint responsibility for your child's development that we will share together.

We are committed to ensuring that each and every child reaches their full potential whilst at John Bunyan Primary School and Nursery. We are justly proud of the achievements of all our children and we look forward to a long, happy and successful partnership with you and your children over the coming years as John Bunyan Primary School and Nursery grows and evolves. We warmly invite you to arrange to visit and see us in action.

Deborah Bailey


Our Core Values

Hope, Integrity, Justice, Courage, Respect, Compassion, Responsibility, Wisdom

At John Bunyan Primary School and Nursery we have eight core values.  These core values are central to all we do and are intentionally woven into our curriculum. We believe that happy, confident, independent children make effective learners who can take full advantage of our curriculum and who will go on to be lifelong learners. Our children are expected to make choices and to question and reflect. Time is given so that they can become engrossed in their learning and explore things in depth.  The school environment and ethos ensures that children, from the earliest age, develop confidence and learn to take responsibility for themselves and for others.


Our Code of Conduct

Be fair, Be caring, Be respectful, Make great choices

Our Code of Conduct was drawn up between staff, parent representatives, governors and children.  All of our children are reminded of our Code of Conduct and are encouraged to articulate it to each other. We believe that self-discipline is much more important than discipline imposed by others. We try to ensure that all of our children achieve success, have high levels of self esteem and develop the resilience to face challenges with enthusiasm and effort.