John Bunyan School

Lancaster Way, Braintree, CM7 5UL
Phone: 01376 321 814 

Resilience, Ambition, Values, Excitement.

At John Bunyan Primary School and Nursery we want all children to achieve their full potential in the academic, artistic, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of their lives, preparing them for life in modern Britain.  We have drawn upon the passions and expertise of our staff and created a curriculum with a focus on skills progression, knowledge and creativity. 

Our aims are that:

  • all children are actively involved in their learning and  are exposed to highly structured approaches to the teaching of Reading, Writing and Mathematics as well as a Creative Curriculum with a comprehensive range of cross curricular knowledge.
  • all children become happy, confident and independent learners.
  • all children are equipped with the skills needed to make a successful transition to the next stage of their lives.

Our curriculum supports these aims by:

  • offering an exciting education, which challenges all children and provides memorable experiences.
  • establishing a high quality and creative approach to learning and teaching where all children make good progress, achieve success and enjoy learning.
  • having a welcoming and stimulating school environment that enables active learning.
  • providing children with learning opportunities in different environments and instilling an appreciation that learning is a lifelong journey that transcends the classroom.
  • ensuring that learners are treated individually, taking account of their varied life experiences, preferred learning styles and differing needs.
  • forming strong and effective relationships with our families and the wider community to teach children to be resilient and ambitious and to have strong values in preparation for their next steps in their learning journey.

Our curriculum is based upon a themed approach so that our children experience three cross-curricular topics over the academic year.  This ensures that they engage in meaningful and exciting activities, which are fully mapped to cover the National Curriculum requirements.  Curriculum Maps for each year group are on our website. In addition we provide a rich program of extra curricular learning opportunities where children can pursue their own interests and develop their passions.

The two documents below give more detailed information as to why we have designed our curriculum as we have and why The Arts form a central part of our curriculum offer. The best way to experience learning at John Bunyan is to come and visit. We encourage visitors at all times as this gives our children a chance to act as ambassadors, to be proud of their achievements and to gain confidence in being able to articulate their learning.

A Curriculum for John Bunyan

The Arts - Why?