We are extremely fortunate at John Bunyan Primary School and Nursery that we have a hard working, dedicated team of staff, governors and comunity members who have high aspirations for each and every member of our school community. The teaching team have over 500 years of teaching experience between them and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw upon.

   Head Teacher   Mrs Deborah Bailey
   Head Teacher's PA   Mrs Pickard
   Deputy Head Teacher   Mrs Nicholls, Mrs Ledwith
   SENCo/ Inclusion Manager   Mrs Jagger
  Year group Class name Teachers
Foundation stage Assistant Head Teacher   Mrs Green
  Nursery   Mrs Green, Mrs Wright
  Foundation Hawthorns Mrs Green, Mrs Bennett
    Maples  Mrs Adams
    Pines Mrs Turner
Lower School Assistant Head Teacher   Mrs Thatcher
  Year 1 teachers Sycamores Mrs Whittaker
    Elms Mrs Cutmore/Mrs Burnett
    Firs Mrs Wooder
  Year 2 teachers Oaks Mrs Thatcher/ Mrs Ellis
    Conifers Mr Shean
    Willows Mrs Murphy, Mrs Thatcher 
Middle school Assistant Head Teacher    Mrs Powell
   Year 3 teachers Birches Mrs Hooper
    Spruces Miss Hadley
    Chestnuts Miss Rice
  Year 4 teachers Poplars Mrs Claxton
    Rowans Miss Cunningham
    Junipers Mrs Thackeray/Mrs Powell
Upper school Assistant Head Teacher    Mrs Bower
  Year 5 teachers Cedars  Mrs Mwondela
    Larches Mrs Watkins
    Elders  Mrs Clements
   Year 6 teachers Hazels Miss Stiff
    Beeches Mr Cullum
    Yews Mrs Bower/Mrs Lewis 

Specialist teaching team : Mrs Mann (Music), Mr Ledwith ( Maths)

Teaching support team : Mrs_Aylesbury, Mrs Webb, Mrs Flynn, Mrs Hurrell , Mrs_Joslin, Miss_Kelly,  Mrs_Ranson, Mrs_Roel, Mrs_Cardnell, Mrs_Christou, Mrs_Elmer,Mr_Evans, Mrs_Pearson, Mrs_Porter, Mrs_Wells (librarian) Mrs_Stacey,  Mrs_West, Mrs_White, Mrs_Kent, Mrs_Wane, Mrs_Padbury, Mrs_Begum,Mrs_Walker, Mrs_Kelly, Miss_Harding, Mrs Lamb, Mrs Ransome, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Hurst, Mrs Stuart, Mrs Kingsley, Mrs Patten, Mrs Stock,  Mrs May, Mrs Bacon, Miss Went, Mrs Cofarea, Mrs Hodges.

HLTAs: Mrs Kersey, Mrs Fowler

Sports coaches:  Mr Taylor, Miss Scrivener, Mr Stoneham

Student and family support : Mrs Lovett
Finance Manager: Mrs Donovan
Administrative team: Mrs Pickard, Office Manager. Mrs Grenfell, Mrs Harley, Miss Tearle, Miss Smith,  Mrs Haddad, Miss Vickers
ICT team : Mr Huxter, Mr Bowden
Catering team: Mrs Thoroughgood, Mrs Nield,  Mrs Noble, Mrs Fussell, Mrs Davis-Hilmi, Mrs Gilbert, Miss Reeve
Facilities management team : Mr Watkins, Mr Smith,  Mrs Wallace, Mrs Bedlow,  Mrs Wiffen, Miss Wiffen, Mrs Noble, Mrs Gostling, Mrs Kernan